Response to ‘OER university’ to cut cost of degree (Times Higher Education, 10 February 2011, Rebecca Attwood)

“… It is up to universities to see the opportunities and live out their vocations. …”

“When we look back, I wonder whether we are going to ask why it took so long,” – Wayne Mackintosh.

Well said!

What might the answer(s) be?
Could some of them be related to institutions forgetting their vocations?
Are there other answers?
How do we address those (ongoing) issues?

The OERu embodies a common vocation: to provide a scalable solution to providing quality education for all. “Opening” the doors to education is not to let more people in but to let us all out: freedom to learn. We are all teachers and learners developing the collective wisdom required for a sustainable world for us all.

Reducing the costs of education while ensuring and enhancing quality (a major role of these institutions) is a means to this end.

This value of freedom – for all to participate – should shine though all our endeavours and rhetoric.

We value the pragmatics but moreso the ethics: